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MC Headmeister

ZinAmp's Headmeister is an exceptionally high-fidelity moving coil stage. It features the same low noise, high performance circuitry in our MC phono-stages. It's a very flexible alternative to a moving coil step-up transformer and has none of the hysteresis associated with transformer solutions.

This is for customers with an existing MM phono stage who want to upgrade to an MC setup and achieve the 'absolute best' results.

It supports any MC cartridge - even with outputs as low as 0.05mV. Gain and loading are set with two dials so there are no fiddly jumper switches.

The Headmeister features extensive power filtering and linear voltage regulation. This is critical when powering an inherently low-noise high-gain amplifier stage such as this. Harmonic distortion is very low at around 0.002%

The Headmeister is compatible with pretty much any MC cart and can be connected to any MM phono stage. It's simple to setup and adjust.

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Complete with Power Supply: