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Integrated Amplifiers

A 'complete' amplifier with a choice of tube or solid state pre amps, with or without a phono stage. All integrateds feature our unique power amp with Simultaneous Class-A output - for a remarkably warm vintage sound and 100w PC

Phono and Pre Amps

Our phono and line level pre-amps are available as Tube or Solid State models. Support for MM & MC carts, or MM only

Bi and Tri Amps

Featuring an active crossover and available with either two or three stereo power amplifiers in one box. Also available as an integrated with pre-amp and optional phono-stage

Power Amps

Dedicated Power Amp, with a volume control and 3-pos selector switch. Can be used with or without a pre-amp. Featuring our Simultaneous Class-A option for a truly vintage sound - with 120 PC. XLR option available

Active Plate Amps

Originally designed for professional studio installations, our Active Plate Amps offer the pure enjoyment of all-analogue circuitry. No DAC or DSP; just the source signal, delivered to your speakers via a 24dB/Oct active crossover. Phase correction is standard, as are XLR and RCA inputs. The perfect amplifier for your custom speaker project or for any 2-way or 3-way speaker installation.


A wide range of modules are available to use in your own projects. Whether you need a power amp, pre-amp, power supply, headphone adaptor or speaker protector, you can mix and match our modules with yours. Available as pre-built modules or as bare PCBs.

We also undertake design commissions for bespoke equipment or new products, so if you would like to discuss a project with us, get in touch at info@zinamp.co.uk